After joining, you can choose four dates a year that you want four leafs to be found on. I will mail each one to you a week after the date you have chosen. Remember, I do live in the Midwest and typically, I can only find them from spring through fall. However, if there is no snow on the ground (like this past December 13, 2014) I may be able to go out and find four leafs.


* Disclaimer: If I can see the grass, I'll be collecting clovers. If your date is not available, I will contact you for an alternative.


Think of the fun you will have handing out four leafs to your family and friends on dates that are special to them!


The Clover Club - FREE SHIPPING!

$50 per year for the ability to choose four dates.

Individual Purchases - FREE SHIPPING!

$15 to choose four leaf clovers with the date(s) of your choice.

$10 to choose four leaf clovers from a random date from my personal collection.


To place an order, please email Doug at info@4leaf4hope.com and he will get your order information there.