This website gives others the opportunity to pick a four leaf clover out of my personal collection of over 5,000 four leaf clovers. Every time I find a four leaf clover, I write down the date I found it. Most of the clovers were found in my backyard, however, I have been collecting them since I was eight years old. The dating process of when it was found  has always been important to me. It is also what sets me apart from other clover websites.


Now you have the opportunity to join the 4 Leaf Clover Club! After joining, you can send me four dates a year that you want four leafs to be found on. Disclaimer: I do live in the Midwest and typically I find them best from spring through fall. However, if there is no snow on the ground (like this past December 13, 2014) I have been able to go out and find four leafs. If for any reason the dates you pick not being available, I will contact you for an alternative. If I can see the grass, I'll be collecting clovers. Think of the fun you will have handing out four leafs to your family and friends on dates that are special to them!